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Nadia Rea Morales

Nadia Rea MoralesBio

Nadia Rea Morales is a Mexican born artist raised in Utah. While she identifies strongly with both her Mexican and American cultures she often feels like she does not belong to any place. She lives in her mind.
Nadia is an artist because she has something to say. She feels that she is not a person that can easily articulate what she has to say with words so she chooses to express herself by creating visual work. Creating art is Nadia’s means of communication.
She is an artist because she has a compulsion to work with her hands and a need to create.
She is an artist because she has questions and no answers. She has a strong desire to understand why she creates.
Creation is by far the most beautiful and meaningful part of Nadia’s life and she wishes to master it.
She will create even if it results in her own destruction.

Artist Statement

John Constable wrote, “We see nothing truly until we understand it”. My images document my search towards better understating the nude figure. I want to depict a more holistic and true picture of the body.
Author Kenneth Clark believes, “The body is not one of those objects which can be made into art by direct transcription”. I still idealize the figure like the great artists before me but I feel that I idealize the less ideal. I photograph the parts of the body that easily go unnoticed and the parts that others prefer not to see. This opens a gateway toward understanding the whole in a new way, the whole at a closer and more brutally honest level.

Artist Images

Brandon,Tess, 24”x94”, Pigment Print


Holly,Kevin, 24”x92”, Pigment Print


Holly, Roman, Jared, 24”x90”, Pigment Print


– Jared as a Landscape, 24”x97”, Pigment Print


Dailey as a Landscape, 24”x97”, Pigment Print

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