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Lisa McAfee

Lisa McAfee is a Salt Lake City artist and arts educator. She received her BFA at California State University Long Beach and MAT from the University of Utah. She currently teach printmaking, painting, and drawing at a public high school in Utah. Her work includes oil paintings, printmaking, and mixed media works of expansive landscapes integrated with personal symbolism.


Artist Statement:

I grew up in a small beach town in Southern California and have always been drawn to expansive landscapes and horizons whether they are at the Great Salt Lake, western coastal areas of the United States, or not long ago in remote areas of Ireland. The edge, where a large expanse of water touches the land is a place I feel a spiritual connection to. My landscapes are often integrated with a variety of personal symbolism such as animals, birds, nature, and other objects. The depiction of the landscape, the rain, the clouds, the dog, or the bird represent aspects of life experience that have shifted and changed with time. I use a variety of media such as monotype, relief printmaking, collagraph, oil painting, drawing, and collage. This multifaceted approach produces many mistakes and many unexpected discoveries. The resulting work represents the changing and transitory nature of life with an eclectic mix of personal symbolism.


Studio B5 at Poor Yorick Studios



“The Edge”, oil on canvas, 36”x48”



“Salt Lake Rim” oil on masonite, 9”x12”


“Moving Sky” oil on masonite, 10”x10”


“Spaces Between” oil on canvas, 24”x36”



“Traveling” prismacolor, collage, acrylic on board, 14”x18”



“Scattered” oil and rub down on masonite, 10”x18”


“Incoming” acrylic, ink, lettering on board, 9”x14”


“Snagged” acrylic, linocut, collage on board, 10”x13”



“Freed” acrylic, linocut, frottage, collage on board, 9”x14”


“Freed” acrylic, linocut, frottage, collage on board, 9”x14”

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