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Lexi Johnson

Lexi Johnson, a graduate of Brigham Young University, is a Salt Lake City-based painter.

Artist Statement

I am making art in search of answers. I am determined to figure out the ghost percentage of each person, and how that percentage is measured. I am searching for connections between disembodied teeth, twins, bats and egg shells. I am interested in how I can participate in charms, covens and myths.

I am seeking instructions on giving birth, on reconciling with forgotten shopping malls, on combinations of words that reveal hidden places, on being part ghost, on the landscaping of mouth roofs.

I am making art to create spaces and landscapes. I want to build cities that will bring to life a place where people aren’t afraid of farts or menstrual blood or unmatched clothing. Maybe a lake where vampires are invited to swim and happiness isn’t a mandate. I want to build a city where my Mom can burp and my Dad can cry and being old is valuable and being young is valuable.  I feel a confused yearning to build a shopping complex full of viscous, blue, chlorinated water.



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