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Kira Sincock

Kira Sincock was born in Park City, UT, and has had a pencil in her hand since childhood. She is currently at the University of Utah studying Game Design and Fine Arts in an attempt to pursue her passion for art at the collegiate level and beyond. Kira enjoys working with mixed media, including a combination of acrylic paint and colored pencils. Her stylized conceptual approach to art-making is reflective of her current academic position and upbringing.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am interested in exploring how and why I make the work I have been pursuing for the last six years. Last year I found myself at the edge of what I had been doing and wanted to push into a new territory in terms of visuals, composition, narrative, technique and overall process. I treated this body of work as a vehicle to investigate why I am drawn to certain art aesthetics. I tend to emphasize heavily on the exploration of different mediums through use of combinations of acrylic paint, colored pencil, and ink. Whether it be through pulling from imagined pasts or crafting alternative worlds, I have come to further understand how my own past has influenced my current self.



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