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Justin Wheatley at Finch Lane Gallery


For years now Justin Wheatley has been exploring the urban and suburban landscape, from highrise buildings in New York City to the modest homes of Salt Lake City. His current show at Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City: Chain Link and Welcome Mats, surveys this exploration in a variety of mediums — from paintings of modernist homes and the flattened planes of industrial buildings to the 3D photo collage work of urban scenes. In a new work that dominates Finch Lane’s east wall, Wheatley has created a grid piece that takes his exploration of the city to one more level. In our video interview with the artist this past spring as part of the 35×35 exhibition, Wheatley discussed this body of work while it was in progress and the hidden meaning behind the facades.

Watch the video interview in the September 2013 edition of 15 Bytes.


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