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Justin Watson

Justin Watson (b. 1984) received his MFA from the University of Utah in Sculpture Intermedia (2016). Watson uses multimedia installations and digital processing as a platform for iconoclasm, appropriation, and systems design to investigate power and identity as transmitted through new media technologies. Watson has shown extensively throughout Utah, including exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, (UMOCA), Central Utah Art Center (CUAC), Bountiful Davis Art Center (BDAC), Finch Lane Gallery, and NOX Contemporary.

Artist Statement
“My work emerges through physical and digital practices exploring post-internet identity, technological advancement, geopolitical presence and the sinister subtexts to humankind’s search for utopic transcendence. I assimilate images, 3D models, field recordings, online archives and rendered animations into multichannel installations that hybridize nonlinear writing, photography, film, and sculpture.”


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