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Jordan River Parkway Informal Memorial

Along the Jordan River Parkway, a grieving family has turned this nondescript piece of infrastructure into a memorial. Accessible by foot or on bike, it is across the canal from the Khadeeja Islamic Center, 1019 W Parkway Ave, West Valley City.


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  1. Along the 50-60 miles of the Jordan River Parkway there are many wonderful things to discover, and many of those are natural in spite of their proximity to urban development. Some of that urban development is beautiful, but you don’t often get the feeling that it was intended to be so. This memorial clearly is an exception: a loving image of a beautiful person. We walk the Parkway whenever we can, alternating some part of it with another trail as we feel like each day out. We will make a point to stop by this one and spend some time in contemplation of something good in the world.

  2. It took a couple of weeks to work our way around to this place, where we discovered that it is painted on two sides. This one is a very personal statement about one individual in relation to his family and community. On the other side is a more cosmic statement, something that inevitably confronts all of us.

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