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John Mack


John Mack creates small and large sculptures in wood and metal, inspired by science and technology and science fiction. He is the recipient of the John Ringling Towers Artist Grant.

Artist Statement

Through my work I attempt to make connections between what is known and what we have yet to discover.  The focus is on connections between our current experiences, the infinite possibilities of the future, imagination, mythology, our indelible curiosity and a personal drive to understand the universe and our place in it.

Drawing inspiration from themes in science and technology, science-fiction, and contemporary mythologies, I often seek to create fantastic organisms and impossible vessels for fictitious voyages, along with objects involving bizarre future technologies in an effort to satisfy my own fascination with what could be.

I push at the boundaries of the materials by forming wood and metal into abstract shapes that defy their structural nature.  Equally, I push at the limits of my own physical abilities by creating large and difficult pieces that reflect the nature of constructing impossible machines and crafts that aid us in our endeavors to discover what is unknown to us.

What is often seen as impossible or science fiction has often become reality with the technological advances of contemporary society.  My explorations start with a fascination for some aspect of science then push past my imagination into the realm of the physical with the intention of instilling in the viewer a sense of curiosity.


Artist Images

Sentinel by John Mack, 2012, wood, 9’H x 4’W x 4’D


Ark by John Mack, 2012, wood, 8’L x 10”Diameter


It’s Full of Stars by John Mack, 2012, wood, 3’Diameter


What Lies Beneath by John Mack, 2009, wood, 18’L x 34” Diameter


Paramount by John Mack, 2009, wood & video, 15’Diameter x 7’ Deep


Probing the Infinite by John Mack, 2008, steel, 34”Diameter


Vessel 2 by John Mack, 2008, wood & bronze, 12’L x 34”Diameter


Vessel by John Mack, 2007, wood & copper, 3’L x 10”Diameter


Untitled by John Mack, wood & steel, 3’H x 18”W x 24”L

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