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Jim Williams: the beginning of now

Jim Williams: the beginning of now

“…In an age where too much art has given in to spectacle, to the impersonal, extravagant display of anonymous concepts and would-be universal vistas that end up little more than mechanized glimpses, Jim Williams’ kind of exploration-in-depth of modern life from a single, but by no means narrow, point of view feels like a breath of fresh air from an open window…”

Read Geoff Wichert’s full preview in the June 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

the beginning of now, a solo exhibition by Jim Williams will be open June 10-June 25 at a pop-up venue at Salt Lake’s Westgate Lofts (ground floor: 328 W 200 S) Opening reception: June 10, 6-9pm. Gallery Stroll reception: June 17, 6-9pm. For more info: http://www.thebeginningofnow.blogspot.com


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