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Jim Rennert’s Studio Space

|| photos by Tami Baum

Jim Rennert worked for ten years in the business world, and the ladder-climbing struggles of the suit and tie clad American male are the subjects for the bronze sculptures he creates out of his Salt Lake City home. Rennert had his first bronze sculptures cast by a foundry in Lehi, Utah in 1992 and he devoted himself fulltime to his art shortly after. Working closely with the foundry in Lehi, Jim learned to execute all aspects of the lost wax method of casting bronze and then bought all the necessarily supplies to work out of his home (to the chagrin of his patient wife). At the Rennert home, tools, supplies and sculptures spill out into the yard and driveway and finished bronzes populate the living spaces inside. Rennert’s work is currently featured in a three-person exhibit at the Salt Lake Arts Council’s Finch Lane Gallery. He is represented locally by Park City’s Meyer Gallery and works can also be viewed online at

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