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Jenna Rhodes

Jenna Rhodes is pursuing a BFA in printmaking at Utah State University with a minor in art history. In addition to creating art, she enjoys singing and performing, often bringing a sense of the theatrical into her visual art.


Artist Statement
“My current work in printmaking is an outlet for frustration and fear. I create art to work through these difficult emotions by taking an idea, observation, or experience that’s confusing or upsetting, or simply something that I can’t get off my mind, and instead of interpreting it directly, seeing how much I can dress it up. By making an idea prettier or funnier, I can rein it in and it becomes something pleasant instead of bothersome. Though I primarily work representationally, the images I make end up having little to do with the idea that begat the artwork and my concept is addressed more through process. Printmaking involves many steps that aren’t directly connected to the image itself and it’s in these moments, prepping paper, mixing ink, or cleaning up, that I am able to work through and let go of the frustrating and sometimes obsessive ideas that inspire much of my art.”

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