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Jeff Myers: “Celebrating Color” at Anderson-Foothill Branch

Salt Lake City
Oct. 21 – Dec. 1

Reception, Saturday, Oct. 21, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm 

I am a painter who passionately believes, and more importantly lives, the following:

What the world needs is more people with paint-stained hands.

More people with clay on their blue jeans, and maybe a little in their hair.

More people spending their free time welding discarded machine parts into incredible animal sculptures.

More children decorating their driveways & sidewalks with colorful chalk drawings and messages of hope.

More seniors having fun with watercolors.

More music, more dance.

Fewer people saying, I’ve always wanted to….

And more people saying, To hell with it, what am I waiting for?

We need art. We need public art. We need artists who buck the trends. We need galleries that lead the way.

But most of all, we need more people passionate about art.

Because art is what brings the best part of us together.

What is art, if not a message of hope?

And isn’t that just exactly what the world needs?

We need more passionate artists!


Art does not fulfill its purpose until it is shared with the public, shown in the community.

Art should be a shared experience. The public needs to see what painters and sculptors and pottery makers are creating. the creative process is a solitary experience, and the art produced does not fulfill its promised potential until it is shared w the public.

My paintings express my very deep connection with the natural world.

I believe that art viewed in public in a gallery changes people in the best way possible, by opening our eyes in a shared experience.


I’m passionate about my paintings bringing people into a new relationship with the natural world. welcoming people into a new relationship with a natural world.

My theme is color & shape as a bridge between the human world & the natural world. Myself & the natural world. Energy. Silence. Movement. Stillness.

My paintings invite my audience to slow down and See the natural world in terms of color energy movement in my wave paintings and stillness silence and being in my art.


I was recently curator of the show “Local Artists, Inspired by Nature” at Red Butte Gardens. I’m a photographer, painter, musician, & traveler. I strive to be unique w my paintings & photography, photographing nature in original ways. My acrylic art is somewhat unique…I usually don’t paint with a brush; also I paint on a wet canvas. Recently I’ve been doing pouring or flow paintings. I’ve painted hundreds of gallery wrapped canvases over the course of 25 years. I’m inspired by skiing, scuba diving, travel, music & a lifetime of adventures.My paintings are currently hanging at Art at the Main Gallery, located at The Main Library.

ARTIST WEBSITE: flic.kr/s/aHBqjAz4zt

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