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We scroll the news and social media feeds so you don’t have to. Here are the newest articles related to Utah’s art scene.

3/7 THE INSIDER: Utah Wildlife Walls Brings Big Art to Small Towns

Living in rural southern Utah has many unique qualities. Ranging from stunning landscapes, dark skies and tight-knit communities, another commonality is the proximity to wildlife. Deer pick through gardens and haystacks, coyotes yip at the edge of town, fish crowd the creeks and innumerable birds can be seen flying overhead. So why not celebrate these animals and provide educational opportunities to residents and visitors alike?

This was the thought that drove artist Chris Peterson and Utah Wildlife Federation chair of the board Brett Prettyman to start the Utah Wildlife Walls project.




3/7 SOUTHWEST CONTEMPORARY: Horacio Rodriguez’s Boombox Benefit Amplifies a Bygone Relic

Horacio Rodriguez was numb to the beautiful fluffy sand, crisp blue waves, and dense, moist air while sitting on a beach in Jamaica. Instead, inspired by the tradition of Jamaican sound systems, he was deep into conceptualizing his next artistic venture.

From March 10 through April 22, 2023, Rodriguez’s idea springs to life at Salt Lake City’s Utah Museum of Contemporary Art during the Boombox Benefit, a collaborative exhibition featuring ceramic boomboxes that served as canvases for ten different artists, including Lilian Agar, Miguel Galaz, and Jiyoun Lee-Lodge.



3/3 SOUTHWEST CONTEMPORARY: “Great” Salt Lake No More: How Utah’s Worsening Drought is Inspiring Artistic Reflection and Activism

For the estimated forty million inhabitants who rely on the Colorado River, the West’s worsening drought is an existential threat. Elected officials thus far have only managed lip service, not the action necessary to avoid the catastrophic outcomes sure to follow from rampant mismanagement and the establishment of massive population centers in a barren desert climate. 

During the pandemic, an iconic artwork became a symbol for the plight of the Great Salt Lake (GSL). Once completely submerged in water, the lakebed surrounding Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty (1970) has now receded from the famous earthwork, a harrowing reminder of how drastically climate change has impacted the region…




3/1 THE TIMES LONDON: Move over Sgt Pepper: the making of a new, all-female collage

Jann Haworth, co-creator of the famous album cover, and her daughter Liberty Blake have made a new mural for the reopening of the National Portrait Gallery, featuring 130 significant women.




2/28 SLTRIB: Years in the making, Utah’s new state flag close to waving across the state. Opponents of Sen. Dan McCay’s Utah flag bill said the change was giving in to “woke, politically correct mobs.”

The proposal to update Utah’s state flag has been stalled for nearly a month in the Utah Capitol. Senate Bill 31 was approved by the Senate at the end of January but has languished since then, waiting for the House to take up the measure. That delay ended on Tuesday morning.

A House committee gave the thumbs up to the third version of the bill from Sen. Dan McCay, R-Riverton. The latest iteration still makes the new “modern” design, which emerged from more than 5,700 proposals last year, Utah’s state flag. However, the bill designates three versions of the current flag as Utah’s “historical” flag. Any of those flags can be flown at any time for any reason…


You can view the response from the 15 Bytes community on the design on Instagram


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