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Interview with Charlotte Boye-Christensen

Here’s part one of our interview with Charlotte Boye-Christensen.

Boye-Christensen is the artistic directory of Ririe-Woodbury Dance in Salt Lake City. She has been with the company since 2002, during which time she has choreographed 18 original works for Ririe-Woodbury. In Cipher, which will be performed December 16-18 at the Rose Wagner Arts Center, five of these works will be presented, including the world premier of “Touching Fire.”

In this first part of the interview Boye-Christensen discusses her general approach to choreography, including the music’s role, working with individual dancers, and the importance of having her pieces evolve each time they are performed.

In part two, to be published Thursday, Boye-Christensen discusses her newest piece, “Touching Fire,” a collaboration with writer David Kranes and architect Nathan Webster that explores the passion of creative madness.

This video interview is available in the following formats:
Flash Movie large format

Quicktime Movie small format.

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