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If You’ve Never Voted Before

If you’ve never voted before, make this the year you do.

Tomorrow you can go to your polling stations to cast your ballot for local, state and national elections.

But today you can cast your vote for Utah’s Art Magazine.

Not every state has an art magazine like 15 Bytes. In fact, few if any do.

Our publication isn’t guaranteed by a constitution or state charter. It’s guaranteed by community support.

We have a community of writers and photographers who provide content for the magazine.

But we also need a community of financial supporters. People who appreciate the magazine, who want to see it thrive.

If you are one of them, please cast your vote for 15 Bytes, Utah’s Art Magazine.

You can pledge your vote and pay for it later, or make your voice heard immediately with a credit card donation or check.

GO TO OUR 2012 FALL FUNDRAISER PAGE to cast your vote for 15 Bytes.

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