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Hilary Wilkinson Jacobsen


Hilary Wilkinson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1983. She grew up developing a passion for art and the outdoors. In 2007, Hilary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with an emphasis in painting and drawing, from the University of Utah. Upon graduation, she also received the Ethel Armstrong Rolapp Award for her outstanding portfolio, and is happy to have a piece in the permanent collection at the Utah Museum of Fine Art. Hilary enjoys traveling, reading, painting, animals, and being outside. She currently resides in Salt Lake City.




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Certain people exude authenticity: it’s apparent in their genuine and honest reflections. Hilary W. Jacobsen is one such person, possessing a natural and humble attitude towards life, yet confident and eager to discuss her artistic journey. A native of Salt Lake City, Jacobsen reflects on how her childhood helped cultivate in her an appreciation for nature and enjoyment of the wonders of the outdoors. “Being in nature, with nature, helped me find myself and in some ways became my religion,” she says. “I found a peace in being outside—in nature, which led me away from the religious beliefs that I’d been taught as a young child and introduced to me to a new spirituality.”

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