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Heather Olsen

I am an oil painter based in Salt Lake City, UT and have been exhibiting artwork nationwide since 2015. I began painting and drawing at a very young age, and studied with various professional artists at both the Bridge Academy and Hein Academy before completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Utah in 2015. I paint both humans and animals, and I especially love portraying the emotional individualities and intricate relationships of all living beings.

Artist Statement
I love to paint people and animals because of the expressive faces and body language. I find it fascinating how all living beings are connected through emotion. Bypassing various obstacles such as language, intelligence, and even species, all creatures can understand sadness, anger, frustration, and love. We are all in this world together, and it’s our privilege to feel, understand, and care for one another along the way as we travel through this journey of life.



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