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Painting by Tyler HacketWe’re hard at work on the April edition of 15 Bytes, crossing our fingers that we’ll get back into our tradition of actually publishing it on the first Wednesday of the month (even if at 11:59 pm). We feel a responsibility to work hard on this project because of all the artists in the state working equally hard. Twenty of these artists will be on display this month at the CUAC’s all-Utah exhibition, which opens this Friday, March 28, 6 to 8pm.

Our 15 Bytes regular, Geoff Wichert, races back and forth between Salt Lake and Ephraim every week just to make sure he can catch all the shows in the Capitol as well as the fine exhibitions at the CUAC (okay, he also goes down to teach; and pick up a paycheck, because, apparently, the joys derived from writing for 15 Bytes are not considered transferable currency and one does need to buy milk). He has taken a look at the CUAC all-Utah show and will be reviewing it in our upcoming edition. Here’s a quick preview:

“The bad news: if you want to feel the pulse of Utah’s up-and-coming art, you have to travel further abroad than the Art Center, UMFA, or Park City. The good news: the trip itself can be part of the reward, especially on Highway 89, the focus after all of several recent Salt Lake exhibitions, and for once parking will not be a problem—even on opening night.

CUAC’s subtle-as-a-sphinx director, Jared Latimer, brought in a ringer from L.A. to jury this year’s all-Utah survey. Micol Hebron, who lists Performance and Video among her mediums, found twenty artists from among sixty entrants who, if neither entirely unknown nor truly strange, manage to acquit the Ephraim gallery of charges that its regular program is either irrelevant to, or completely out of sync with, the homegrown product of Utah’s professional (and yet, like the fictional Asher Lev, religiously orthodox) arts community.”

This month’s edition will also feature articles on Wayne Thiebaud, Andrew Kosorok, Steven Stradley, Bruce Boyd, Waldo Midgely, Jared Latimer, Paul Reynolds and more.

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