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Hal Cannon’s New Album, Rio Cortez, Utah Shakespeare Festival, RDT

10/4 SLTRIB: Meet the Utah poet long-listed for a national award for her collection on Black pioneerism. Rio Cortez is from Salt Lake City and says growing up as a Black woman, particularly as a teenager, in the state was isolating.

10/4 SLTRIB: Utah Shakespeare Festival sees another top official resign. Frank Mack worked with the organization for five years.

9/30 Journalist d’Lorah Nonnac interviewed Hal Cannon about his upcoming solo album Nothin’ Lastin’

D.N.: – I don’t want to put you on the spot at the git go, but really,  If Nothin’ is Lastin,’  what’s the use of these songs?

H.C.: I grew up with faith that things last. Holding ancient books in my hands, I figured their wisdom was timeless. Visiting buildings that took generations to build, they still stood and served us.  And best of all, music, the most impermanent of the arts, kept speaking to the world in profound and lasting ways. And yes, I believed that, even though there were war mongers and power grabbers, there was an underlying code of conduct with most people that reaffirmed the Golden Rule, lasting world values of cooperation.

Then in the fall of 2016 my world came apart. It all centered around the national election. It seemed all rules of engagement, all trust and good-well had suddenly been stripped away. I was so naïve…



9/28 City Weekly: Quadruple Bill kicks off Repertory Dance Theatre’s “season of connection.”


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