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Gallery Stroll Tonight: Timbre, Phase 2 and 15 Bytes Tees

There’s a lot happening tonight in Salt Lake’s art world. You’ve already read about some of it in this month’s edition of 15 Bytes, and you can see a full list of exhibitions on page 10.

There are a couple of exhibits you have to see tonight if you want to see the full exhibit.

Cara Despain's Timbre at Stolen and Escaped Gallery

At Stolen and Escaped Gallery there’s Cara Despain’s Timbre, which for opening night only will have a soundscape as part of the installation. You can read Daisy Blake’s writeup on the show in Now Salt Lake.

And at Finch Lane Gallery, SURROUNDED, the installation by Suzanne Simpson and Jim Frazer, enters Phase 2. In Phase 1 of the exhibit Finch Lane’s back gallery was filled with a stunning habitat of ten-foot tall images hanging over aluminum flooring that mapped EPA-recognized Superfund sites in the Salt Lake Valley with 154 lights; a fabricated table listing toxic chemicals, health risks and side effects associated with the toxins.
[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”6407″]

In Phase 2 an installation of etched bronze panels, oversized cases, and vessels of greenery transform the toxic landscape into “a natural setting of decentralization, healthy lifestyles and self-empowerment of a society that has corrected the ills of the past and present with a commitment to a lifestyle that honors mankind and the natural environment.”  Butoh dancer Jeremy Koyea Yamashiro of the Ravie Za Dance Company, who performed on the gallery balcony during the Phase 1 opening receptions, returns for the Phase 2 opening of to initiate metamorphosis and celebration for the new era of hope.

And tonight, in honor of our ten year anniversary it’s officially 15 Bytes Gallery Stroll.

To celebrate the anniversary we invite you to hit the galleries clad in our mojo-inducing 15 Bytes Tee Shirts.

To thank you for your support and for helping us spread the word about Utah’s Art Magazine we’ll be handing out prizes, while supplies last, to those we see wearing the tee shirts at Gallery Stroll.

You’ll also see us outside some of the galleries, handing out postcards and trying to spread the word about what’s happening in Utah’s visual arts community. If you see one of our volunteers, give them a sign of support, and grab some postcards and pass them around to your friends.

During Gallery Stroll you can purchase a tee shirt ($20) at Copper Palate Press, where you’ll also be able to personalize your shirt (for free) by adding one of a number of screens designed by local artists specifically for 15 Bytes.

Copper Palate Press is at 160 East 200 South SLC.

We’ve already run out of some sizes and have ordered another batch of shirts. If you want to be sure to get the shirt you want order now by going here.

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