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Francis Zimbeaux: Studio Space

photographs & text by Bill Fulton

Francis Zimbeaux’s studio rests on top of his home, added there in the early seventies by the artist and a carpenter friend, Connie Gorder. Connie remains to this day a very close, while-away-the-afternoon talking and sipping vodka compadre.

Access to this studio is a challenge at any age given the necessary angle for a stairway into this space. Imagine the regular ascent and descent for a man in his early nineties.

The location of the studio is metaphorical in that Zimbeaux’s art comes from the higher reaches of his imagination rather than a more physical reality.

These photos were taken on a sunny Saturday in early March of 2005. Even the trash can, a cardboard box on which many a brush had been wiped, was artistic but became the only object “not allowed” to be included in this set.


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