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FINALLY . . . a book about Tony Smith

Tony Smith Finally a Book About Me

Utah artist Frank Anthony Smith has just published a book about . . . Tony Smith.

“. . . Several people have said this book is “just like Tony.” It’s irreverent, wicked, sly, laugh-out-loud funny, a little consumed with mortality issues, a lot consumed with family, and an absorbing read about the development of an artist and a man. It’s not for kids unless they were brought up in Sweden or for your maiden aunt unless she lives there. But if you read this 15 Bytes e-zine, it’s probably for you.”

Read Ann Poore’s review in the November 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. Hello! Fun to stumble upon this, will have to buy this book. I was a former student of Tony’s back in the day and I was hoping to get a hold of him as I recently saw a documentary about crows that made me think of him. Even with the help of the almighty internet I was not able to find his email(although I only search for 13 min). Anyway this is what I meant to tell him. Maybe you can pass it on.

    Tony!! Your drawing class at the U was one I really enjoyed! Being a typical self absorbed artist at the time I didn’t fully appreciate your class as much as I would have had I taken it now(more wisdom now). Still in the long run you, Wilson Sam, and Nate Winters were always my favorite professors, Cheers to the past!
    btw.. For money I do medical stuff instead of art now but I still do art as it’s in my blood–>

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