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Eve Yeung

Eve Yeung was raised in Provo and grew up drawing and painting with her family. She graduated from BYU with a degree in graphic design and worked in graphic design and user experience design for several years. She returned to drawing and painting in 2019.

Artist Statement
I recently became a mother and found my life completely turned on end. Battling postpartum challenges and severe sleep deprivation, I turned to art to heal me. Just beyond the surface of my struggles I found moments of beauty, peace, and even bliss in my relationship with my daughter. As I was mentally and physically pushed to my limits, I found previously undiscovered strength. More than ever before, I began to wonder about a female deity. My art helps me contemplate the sacred, if brief, moments of motherhood and find connection with the divine feminine. My art is all about the divinity and power of motherhood. Be it a depiction of a female God, or the first time I held my daughter in my arms, I see it all as divine. I have a newfound reverence for not only mothers, but all women. Women are strength.



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