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Emily Larsen, Tyler Swain, Maddison Tenney; and That Whale

11/26 Sweet Spirits (Hello Sunday – Season 3, Episode 9) featuring Emily Larsen

Art historian, curator and collage artist Emily Larsen discusses her struggles with mental health and the importance of art therapy in her life.

WATCH THE VIDEO (starts at 9:55)


11/25 SLTRIB: This BYU student’s new art show is based on her experience being LGBTQ and LDS

Maddison Tenney was working on a ceramics project late one night in the old B66 building at Brigham Young University when a message on her phone made her run outside, her hands still covered in clay.

Looking up at the mountain above the school, she smiled to see it was true: A group had stealthily lit up the namesake “Y” on the hillside in rainbow colors, a demonstration against the private religious school’s LGBTQ policies.



11/22 Hyperallergic: Eight Utah Art Spaces You Probably Didn’t Know About

The Mountain West state of Utah is known for many things, including world-class outdoor adventures, phenomenal vistas, and the Mormon community’s cultural influence. But Utah is also home to a thriving art scene, replete with artist-run spaces, imaginative dual-purpose venues, and established galleries that support artists at every stage of their careers, attracting attention from locals and visitors alike.


11/21 City Weekly: Best Public Art “Out of the Blue” Breaching Whale

Who knew that a 40-foot-wide/23-foot-tall colorful whale sculpture breaching on the 900 South 1100 East roundabout would have people up in arms? Yet, here we are. Stephen Kesler, the artist, certainly got people talking. “’Out of the Blue’ was designed to complement and augment the unique identity of the 9th & 9th neighborhood, celebrating a community that’s welcoming and stands for respect,” says the Salt Lake City Arts Council. Whale “resisters” placed a colony of gnomes in the roundabout, which disappeared and later returned—whether left by trolls, community members or the artist himself; it made us smile.



11/12 BYUtv Artful: Tyler Swain / Noemie Pons

Tyler Swain paints often-overlooked subjects and realizes that God’s beauty exists all around us. Multidisciplinary artist Noemie Pons learns to see how people are transformed when they connect with the divine.


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