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Elizabeth Walsh

Elizabeth Walsh was born in Casper, Wyoming and has spent many years exploring the Rocky Mountains. Raised with an appreciation for nature, her desire for adventure encouraged her to leave her home and travel around the world. Elizabeth set off to look for inspiration abroad in Colombia, Germany, and most recently Tanzania. Being multilingual has allowed her to have authentic experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful places. After every trip, she returns to her home in Salt Lake City, Utah to reconnect with the mountains she appreciates the most. With no formal background in art, she is completely self-taught. Elizabeth has always enjoyed ink drawing and painting but has only recently begun to establish a collection of acrylic paintings based on both local and international natural wonders through the style of pointillism. With hopes of beginning her art career in Salt Lake, 35×35 is the first gallery show for Ms. Walsh. When not working on a new painting, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, studying languages, and traveling to new places.

Artist Statement
Through my paintings, I seek to explore the mesmerizing complexities of the natural world. The symmetrical and abstract come together in surprising ways and vivid colors capture the range of nature’s possibilities. I believe environmental stewardship is one of the most paramount issues. My work encourages exploration and action with an ultimate goal of inviting people to spend more time outside. I also hope to promote a curiosity for adventure whether that be in the local community, throughout the nation, or around the world. My travels have influenced my appreciation for the environment which can been seen in the diverse settings of my artwork. My pointillism creates movement of blowing sand, fading light, and swirling water. Systematic patterns diverge into intricate disarray mirroring the nature of mountains, forests, and deserts. From international travels to a simple day hike in the Wasatch, I will continue to be influenced by nature’s allure.


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