Donna Poulton on Edgar Payne

One of the hardest parts of writing is deleting that hard-won paragraph that just doesn’t fit the final draft. Equally difficult for a film editor is watching all that wonderful material end up on “the cutting room floor.” But while authors rarely have the comfort of anticipating a volume of unpublished paragraphs, filmmakers can always assuage their editing trauma with the thought of bonus material DVDs.

We can make our own editing hardships light by publishing 15 Bytes “bonus material” in the space of our blog. Below you’ll find an outtake from the filming we did for “What Lies Beneath the UMFA,” the video feature on the museum’s collections department that appeared on page 7 of this month’s edition of 15 Bytes. One of the ideas in this project was to ask a variety of museum staff to tell us about their favorite piece in the collection. Only Virginia Catherall’s clip talking about Jenkyn A. Powell’s stained-glass dragon made sense in the final cut, but below we present you with another of those interviews.

In the first of what — pending your positive comments — will be an ongoing series of art professionals discussing a piece of art (PieceTalk)
Dr. Donna Poulton, Associate Curator of Utah and Western Art at the UMFA, discusses a painting by Edgar Payne that appeared in the museum’s recent exhibit The Continuing Allure.

If you find the production quality of the video somewhat wanting, please excuse our use of borrowed equipment. And also consider helping us upgrade our capabilities. We recently received a grant from the Francis H. Zimbeaux Trust for the purchase of video equipment and software. We still have to raise another $1800 in matching funds required by the grant.

You can help us secure the grant and ensure our expanded coverage of Utah’s visual art world in moving pictures and recorded sound by making a tax-deductible contribution. Checks can be sent to:
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