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Do You Know Where These Trucks Are?

Do you know where these trucks are? Not literally at this very moment, but do you know where these photos were taken? Who these trucks belong to?

For the photographic essay in this month’s edition of 15 Bytes our photographers have been out roaming the streets capturing images of art that is out in plain sight — neighborhood by neighborhood. In addition to publishing these images in 15 Bytes, they will become part of a database that we are building to create an app that will allow you to find outdoor art wherever in Utah you might be.

These photos might not make it into the database — who knows where these trucks will be at any given moment. But we still thought they brightened up the urban landscape enough to merit throwing them up as a Daily Byte.

So, to the first person who throws up a comment on this post telling us either where these shots were taken or who these trucks belong to we’ll send a free 15 Bytes tee shirt.

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