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Danielle Susi

Danielle Susi is a writer and fiber artist based in Salt Lake City. Originally from Boston, she received her Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received the New Artists Society Fellowship. Her work has been shown at ICA Baltimore; in the Page Gallery and Sullivan Galleries in Chicago; and in Utah at Pandemonium Gallery, Bountiful Davis Art Center, Eccles Community Art Center, God Hates Robots, and Finch Lane Gallery. Her fiber work is deeply rooted in meditative repetition with a focus on texture building.

Artist Statement

What happens when the natural world begins to disappear due to climate change and natural disaster? This work is focused around the simulation of nature, often alongside the piece of nature itself–moss is surrounded by stitch work meant to imitate the moss itself. Created with a variety of fibers, each piece is a representation of a landscape or piece of the natural world, hoping to preserve what remains.






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