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Two hours south of Salt Lake City, rural Sanpete County is home to a disproportionately high amount of artistic activity. There’s the well-known artistic enclave of Spring City, and, just to the south, Ephraim, home to Snow College and the Central Utah Art Center. For a number of years we were able to keep up with our own disproportionate coverage of the area because Geoff Wichert, a contributing editor to 15 Bytes, was making a regular commute to Snow College. But now that Geoff lives full-time in Salt Lake our virtual tours of what is happening there are less frequent.

Ephraim’s Central Utah Art Center, which features monthly exhibitions of contemporary art by local, national, and international artists, is hoping to provide their own tours — the real-life, non-virtual kind. Beginning this Friday they will be providing bus service from Salt Lake and Provo to the opening of their exhibitions in Ephraim. Every second Friday, the 50-passenger bus will pick up art enthusiasts at the GARFO in Salt Lake (1800 South 1500 East) at 5:30 pm, with another pick up along the way in Provo at 1st West and 1st North. Along the ride patrons will enjoy free drinks and video art, and once in Ephraim will be able to attend the art openings as well as a free concert.

January’s show at the CUAC features the works of Allan Ludwig, Daniel Everett, Pooneh Maghezehe, and a concert performance by Sky Steele and the Hot Holy Mess. Tickets for the bus are $12 and can be purchased at: www.cuartcenter.org

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