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Courtney Hart

Courtney Hart is an artist and muralist based in Utah. Her art practice has been shaped by a lifelong passion for classical art, a dedication to beauty and a desire to bring them to public spaces. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Art History, Courtney employed her knowledge of classical techniques and native skill to establish her own art practice.

Courtney’s paintings are a celebration of the natural world and the human experience. She spends her time in study of old master’s techniques and seeks to revive their insights in her own work. Inspired by the frescoes adorning cathedrals and palaces across Europe, Courtney constructs murals in addition to gallery-sized pieces. Landscapes and larger-than-life florals are common motifs in her work.

Drawing on the sense of wonder in nature, Courtney uses scale and a moody, luminous palette to bring stillness and transcendence to each piece as she explores the relationship humans have to the natural world. Her careful attention to detail combined with academic techniques of old have resulted in effusive murals that transform public spaces and inspire viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Her murals can be found in civic centers, government buildings, homeless shelters, boutique businesses, homes and will soon be hung in an airport. These murals serve as a testament to the power of art to uplift and inspire. Courtney’s work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions across the country, and she has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the world of art, including the Dennis Klaus Honorary Award and the People’s Choice Award. However, Courtney is driven by the joy she finds in the creation of art as she explores new ways to bring her passion for classical techniques and fine art murals to the world.

In the delicate dance between nature and humanity, my work serves as a visual symphony, orchestrating the harmonious convergence of flowers and humans. My oil paintings are portals into a realm where the ephemeral beauty of botanical life intertwines with the grace and complexity of the human form. Each stroke of my brush is a deliberate choice, a conscious effort to blur the boundaries that separate the organic and the sentient. In my pursuit of capturing the essence of this union, I explore the interplay of color, light, and texture, allowing the canvas to breathe life into the fusion of these disparate elements. Flowers, with their intricate patterns and vibrant hues, become metaphors for the fragility and resilience of the human experience. Through the delicate petals and sinuous stems, I aim to express the interconnectedness of all living things, celebrating the shared vitality that unites flora and humanity. In these compositions, I invite viewers to contemplate the symbiotic relationship between nature and ourselves. The human figures within the floral tapestry serve as conduits, channels through which emotions, memories, and aspirations intertwine with the botanical world. Each piece becomes a contemplative space where the viewer is encouraged to reflect on the interconnectedness of our existence and the beauty that arises from embracing the symbiotic dance of life. My artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of merging two seemingly disparate realms. Through the medium of oil painting, I seek to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the delicate balance that exists between the ephemeral beauty of flowers and the enduring spirit of humanity. As I continue to explore this intersection, I hope to inspire a deeper connection to the natural world and foster a renewed appreciation for the exquisite tapestry of life that unfolds when flowers and humans converge on the canvas of existence.



Courtney Hart, “To Drown Out the Noise,” 2022 oil on panel, 11 x 14 in.

Courtney Hart, “The Watery Grave,” 2023, oil on panel, 12 x 10 x 1.5 in.


Courtney Hart, “Yellow Rose of Texas,” 2022 oil on panel, 18 x 18 in.


Courtney Hart, “Persephone,” 2023 oil on panel, 12 x 12 in.


Courtney Hart, “Kamille’s Irises,” 2021 oil on panel, 12 x 9 in.


Courtney Hart, “Calla Lillies in the Dark,” 2021 oil on panel, 10 x 8 in.


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