Composer Michael Hicks Discusses His String Quartet for NOVA Chamber Music Series


Dr. Michael Hicks is a widely-published musicologist at Brigham Young University. He teaches music theory, score analysis and aesthetics. He is also a singer/songwriter and a composer. His new work for string quartet titled “Of the” will premiere on January 31st at Libby Gardner Concert Hall as part of NOVA Chamber Music Series’ concert “A Sense of Place.” 15 Bytes sat down with Hicks in his office at the Harris Fine Arts Center on BYU campus to learn more about his compositions and what moves him to write new music.


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  1. What a fascinating video about a fascinating man and composer. Had no idea he existed. I’m especially interested in his take on the Stations of the Cross and wonder if that might be performed at the Madeleine Festival somehow, sometime because I WANT to hear it.

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