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Coming Up: The Performing Arts?

Charlotte Boye-Christensen takes notes during rehearsal.

In anticipation of next week’s opening of Cipher, I sat down with Ririe-Woodbury’s Charlotte Boye-Christensen today to discuss “Touching Fire,” the new collaborative piece that will be given its world premiere in this showcase of five of the choreographer’s work.

We’ll be posting the video interview next week.

In the pages of our blog, as well as our monthly edition of 15 Bytes, our coverage of the performing arts has increased (along with coverage of literary and cinematic arts). We’re wondering if it should. Do you like 15 Bytes’ exclusive focus on the visual arts? Or are there enough readers out there to justify an expansion of our coverage?

This is a community project: community generated, community funded. So we’d like to know what you think. Please leave us a comment.

p.s. You can find a SL Trib article on Cipher here.

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