Color Animal’s music video for “Heal Me”

Color Animal, one of the musical projects of local musician Andrew Shaw, who was profiled in this month’s edition of 15 Bytes, has released their first music video, for “Heal Me,” from their third full-length album Why Don’t We Have Fun? “All four members of the band … are passionate about the community where we live, and when it came time to film our first official music video, we wanted it not only to highlight our music but also this place we call ‘home,'” says Shaw.

The video is shot in the area near Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake. Shaw says they chose the location for its natural beauty but also because Smithson has been an inspiration for their music and  the album address many of the same themes explored in Smithson’s endeavors — “entropy, mapping, paradox, language, landscape, popular culture, anthropology, and natural history” (

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