Utah Artists – M

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter M.

Art Morrill

Born in Moncton, Canada, Art Morrill has always been making art and objects for as long as he can remember. A husband and father of three boys and one girl, his work has always contained a certain amount of playfulness. An early interest in 90’s skateboard graphics nurtured […]

Nadia Rea Morales

Bio Nadia Rea Morales is a Mexican born artist raised in Utah. While she identifies strongly with both her Mexican and American cultures she often feels like she does not belong to any place. She lives in her mind. Nadia is an artist because she has something to […]

James Munford

James Munford Utah State University student James Munford is a painter and print maker.  

Josephine Munro

A native of Norther Utah, Josephine Munro now teaches and makes art in Millcreek, Utah. She works in painting and illustration.

Josh Murano

Josh Murano was born in Provo Utah where he grew up for over 30 years and found his love for crafting characters and worlds through his art. His work often includes a number of whimsical, dark and content characters or creatures connected to these breathing dreamscapes. Artist Statement […]