Directory of Utah Artists arranged by media. Printmaking.

Jenna Rhodes

Jenna Rhodes is pursuing a BFA in printmaking at Utah State University with a minor in art history. In addition to creating art, she enjoys singing and performing, often bringing a sense of the theatrical into her visual art.   Artist Statement “My current work in printmaking is […]

Andrew Rice

Bio Andrew is an artist that likes spacemen, bubbles and Canadian Hunter. He received his BFA from The University of Colorado, Boulder and his MFA from the University of Utah. Artist Statement Layers upon layers of entrapment. I want to convey this state, where we cannot access the […]

Brittanna Roberts

Brittanna Roberts is a Utah native, growing up in Heber Valley. As a junior at Utah Valley University, she is studying for her Bachelor of Science in Art Education. She was influenced greatly by her art teacher in high school and wants to make that same impact for […]

Rachel Stuart

Rachel Stuart is an aspiring artist in southern Utah. She will graduate from Southern Utah University in the Spring of 2020, with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. She specializes in oil paints and printmaking, including silkscreen, relief, and intaglio. Rachel Stuart will have artwork exhibited in Southern […]

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor holds a Master of Science in environmental humanities and a Bachelor of Fine Art with a printmaking emphasis from the University of Utah. She is currently an artist in residence at the Natural History Museum of Utah. She was formerly an artist in residence at the […]

Art Vidervol

Art Vidervol is an industrial designer, photographer, musician, artist, woodworker, writer and traveler. He inspired by the desert, by Africa and its vanishing wildlife, and by the imagination and its effect on reality.

Annalee Wood

Annalee Wood grew up in Kaysville, Utah with an idyllic childhood filled with lots of traveling and museum-going. From a young age she knew she wanted to be an artist, and took every class possible to work towards that goal. She received a BFA in Painting/Drawing, and minor […]

Jaclyn Wright

Jaclyn Wright is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. She received her BA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her MFA from Indiana University. Her work combines traditional analog photographic techniques with contemporary digital methods and fabrication processes. Through this hybridized approach she draws connections between historical conceptions of […]

Rachel Zavecz

Rachel Zavecz is a book artist and PhD student in Creative Writing at the University of Utah. She is also the university’s current Sherman B. Neff/Book Arts Fellow. She received her MFA in Poetry from the University of Notre Dame. Her writing has appeared in Sporklet, Fairy Tale […]