Directory of Utah Artists arranged by media. Glass artists.

Mark Bigelow

I’ve always loved stained glass windows and I’ve been making them since 2002.  The way light brings life to color and line amazes me.  One surprising thing about stained glass windows is that they look different depending on the time of day and even the time of year.  I’d […]

Dinah Ihle

Dinah Ihle “I work with glass. I cast it from clay. I cut it and fuse it into plates, bowls, or sculpture. I mount it onto frames that I have had made. I take my scrap glass and melt it all together, then cut the pieces and find […]

Sarinda Jones

Sarinda Jones is a Utah glass artist whose minimalist approach gives her kiln-formed work a contemporary feel and illuminates the simple beauty of glass.

Stacy Levinson

Stacy Levinson is a glass artist working in Salt Lake that specializes in sculptural art, architectural pieces, and life castings.

Kali Mellus

Kali Mellus, a self-taught Salt Lake City artist, makes handmade jewelry, buckles and belts out of resin, hardware, organic and leather materials.

Cheryl Merz

Cheryl Merz says, “I could sculpt and preserve water, I imagine the end result would be similar to what can be created with glass – fluidity, movement, depth, color, reflection, texture and mood all playing with the light and dark of our world.”

Kerry Transtrum

Kerry Transtrum has been an artist working in cast, fused and kiln formed glass for 25 years. His work explores humanity and nature and the great things we can learn from them.

Morag Totten

Morag Totten a native of Australia, travelled the world before settling in Utah where she has started her own business experimenting with color, glass and design.