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Links to visual arts articles in a variety of media including newspapers, magazine, blogs, tv and radio.

Mixed Media

Raquel Smith Callis

From 2006 to 2009 Provo seemed like it might finally coalesce into a thriving art scene of its own,* with a number of non-profit and profit gallery spaces and a successful gallery stroll. One of the driving forces behind this movement was Raquel Smith Callis, who until last […]

Mixed Media

Recent Mixed Media

We’re encouraged by the arts coverage we’ve recently encountered in the media (likely because a new “arts season” opens every fall, but who knows, the coverage could be sustained throughout the year). The Salt Lake Tribune has being doing an impressive job lately. Yesterday’s article on Jimmy Lucero […]

Mixed Media

Teresa Flowers

Local artist Teresa Flowers, who is showing in Phillips Gallery’s Dibble Gallery this month, made it into the local rags this week. In an interview with In Utah This Week she answered questions about starting the Womens Art Center, struggling with Lymes disease and her art-inspired apparel. Read […]

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Potter Press

An interview with Erin and Nick Potter of Potter Press recently appeared at Gavin’s Underground. “Nick: I spent most of my early years trying to figure out how to draw cool muscles and realistic blood splatter. After my hyper obsessive illustrations waned and I met Erin I started […]