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Utah Artist Profiles published in 15 Bytes, featuring magazine length profiles of Utah artists.

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Van Chu

Van Chu at The Gallery at Library Square. Photo by Zoe Rodriguez. It would be a disservice to Van Chu to spend the majority of this article discussing the unfortunate pairing of his work with photographs by Carl Oelerich, so the criticism will be brief. Chu’s latest exhibit, Photographic […]

Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

Paul Reynolds

  Paul Reynolds, photo by Shalee Cooper Paul Reynolds returns to the Finch Lane Gallery for the first time since 2004 with a majestic exhibition of abstract and nonrepresentational paintings rich in color and content. Reynolds’ new body of works, created since his 2007 solo exhibition at The Gallery at […]

Randall Lake stands in front of his SLC studio, photo by Shawn Rossiter
Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

Randall Lake

How does an Orange County boy, a homosexual with a growing reputation as a painter in Paris, become one of Utah’s most known and venerated painters? By obeying the rules. These days, that is exactly what Randall Lake is not doing. Lake grew up in affluent circumstances. In the ’60s […]