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Carol and Bill Fulton in their Salt Lake Home
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Carol and Bill Fulton

When Carol Fulton met her husband Bill, who helped photograph the couples in the feature she wrote for us this month, their interest in art was relatively dormant: she owned a few works of art, and he had once gone through Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Twenty-three years later, though, the couple says that art is the cement that holds their relationship together.

Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

Brian Christensen

by Namon Bills On November 15th sculptor Brian Christensen will install five outdoor works on the Snow College campus in Ephraim. Entitled Reinterpretation, the show, says Christensen, “is based on reinterpreting and finding meaning in materials with a previous functional life and history. Each piece has elements that […]

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Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson has taught at the University of Utah for over thirty years, so his iconic paintings, densely packed with pop and art-historical figures are familiar to most in Utah’s art community. In this, our first installment of a video interview as artist profile, Carol Fulton sat down […]

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Erica Houston

An Addiction to Colored Pencils A video interview with Erica Houston Portrait painting is a notoriously difficult task, and not just because the ability to achieve a reasonable likeness with line and color is a craft that requires hours of dedication. Dealing with the emtoins and self-image of […]