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NOW’s Wedding, at the Masonic Lodge

Choreographer Charlotte Boye-Christensen’s greatest fear about her new work The Wedding is that she doesn’t know enough about the subject matter. In Denmark, where she’s from, “only about eight percent of the population marry . . . so it’s not something I’m terribly familiar with,” she says. She can count […]


Daughters of Mudson in review

by Danell Hathaway In its second installment, loveDANCEmore’s Daughters of Mudson proves to be a viable resource for artists who not only value the investigative nature of choreography, from inception to presentation, but who dare to reexamine and refine their work, allowing the audience to be privy to […]

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15 Bytes Dance Editor

15 Bytes started out as a visual arts publication. And it still is. But over the past year or so we’ve expanded our coverage to include some of our friends and colleagues in other fields. Earlier this year, we announced the addition of a literary editor, and this […]