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Brittanna Roberts

Brittanna Roberts is a Utah native, growing up in Heber Valley. As a junior at Utah Valley University, she is studying for her Bachelor of Science in Art Education. She was influenced greatly by her art teacher in high school and wants to make that same impact for future students. Brittanna loves exploring different mediums and techniques, trying to find what resonates best with her. Currently she is enjoying learning the art of oil painting and printmaking. The subject matter of her pieces center around her travels to the Czech Republic as a missionary for her Church, her passion and love for Irish Dance, and exploring personal empowerment.

Artist Statement
This series of prints was inspired by beautiful cathedrals, monasteries, and museums I visited while in the Czech Republic. I have come to learn that every place in the world has a unique story to tell. I want to share the story of the Czech people, and I feel that one of the greatest ways to do so is through their architecture. In this series, I explored different types of printmaking techniques such as linocut, dry point, collagraph, and solar plate. I feel that this project has really helped me to understand different printmaking techniques but especially understand the influence that art can have both on an individual level or as a whole community. I hope to share with the viewers my love for culture, history, and architecture; making the world a little bit smaller by bringing Europe to Utah.



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