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Best Of 2017: Marianne Goodell

An award winner in 2016 and 2017 at the Holladay Art Show, Marianne Goodell has been making jewelry since 2001 and painting professionally since 2012. When she sets out to create something, she says she will often think of an emotion she wants to portray “and determine which symbols would best convey that emotion.” After she starts working, “the piece begins to create itself through an intuitive process. Invoking healing and growth is one of my main focuses.”

Goodell has had art published in Creative Characters and Art Journal Kickstarter and has been a regular contributor to Metal Clay Today. In early 2018 her art is to be published on the cover of a book of poetry.

The artist says the coolest thing that happened to her in 2017 was taking a master class in cloisonné enameling and learning “how to create shimmering effects in my enamels. This has been a journey that started easily 10 years ago and 2017 marked completing my education. It’s been my desire to be able to create art and wearable art and to marry the two processes. This year, I achieved that goal,” she explains.


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