Historical Utah Artists

Donald Beauregard (1884 – 1913)

Donald Beauregard (1884-1914)

Born: Fillmore, Utah

Millard Academy, Fillmore 1890-1900
Brigham Young Academy
University of Utah, Bachelor of Arts (teachers: Edwin Evans)
Academie Julian, Paris
University of Utah Summer Archaeological Program, New Mexico (teachers: Byron Cummings)


Alder’s Accounts
Preliminary Studies
The Art and Too-Brief Life of Donald Beauregard
by Tom Alder

Born in Fillmore, Utah to Mormon immigrant ranchers, Donald Beauregard was an energetic and enthusiastic lover of nature and art. A posthumous reports says that at the age of 12 he ran away from home, walking with an old trapper to and through Yellowstone, sketching and exploring. He left home at 16 and traveled for a year before landing at Brigham Young Academy (BYU) for two years of study. In 1903, Beauregard sought further instruction under Edwin Evans at the University of Utah. Evans, former art missionary to Paris [See 15 Bytes ] and long-time art department chair at the U, recognized the vast talent of the young Beauregard and soon appointed him his assistant in 1904.

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