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Shawn Rossiter

The founder of Artists of Utah and editor of its online magazine, 15 Bytes, Shawn Rossiter has undergraduate degrees in English, French and Italian Literature and studied Comparative Literature in graduate school before pursuing a career in art.

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Reimagining Narratives: Afrofuturism Through Chelle Barbour’s Lens

If Afrofuturism’s purpose is to imagine new futures and rewrite past narratives, Chelle Barbour’s collage portraits embrace a surrealist approach to keep those narratives open, vibrant and strange. An exhibition at Ephraim’s Granary Arts, featuring scores of works by the LA-based artist, creates an artistic dialogue that does […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Interlacing Spaces: The Fabric of Home in Gail Grinnell’s Shaw Gallery Installation

The picnic table anchors this installation. It grounds the floating veils and sky-yearning columns that dominate the space, suggesting a narrative without ever explicitly revealing it. In this large-scale, site-specific installation, Gail Grinnell has transformed Weber State University’s Shaw Gallery into a reflective space that resonates with the […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Brutal DC is an Artful, Informative Look at Imperial American Architecture

If neo-classicism was the architecture of the American republic, brutalism became the style of the American empire. Under John F. Kennedy’s administration, the federal government prioritized funding for public buildings, infrastructure, and urban renewal projects at a time when the stripped-down, imposing style was in vogue in architectural […]