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Ruth Christensen

Ruth Christensen writes full time for Imagine Learning, an education-based software company in Provo. She also works as a freelance writer, musician, and teacher after having taught vocal music for many years at BYU, UVU, and SUU.

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

“Embracing Diverse Voices: A Century of African-American Art” Shares a Common Truth

“Mecklenberg Autumn” by Romare Bearden As the American artist Barbara Januszkiewicz once noted, people need to “be drawn to the visual arts [to] expand [the] imagination.” On the power of art and progress, Januszkiewicz further stated, “creative thinking inspires ideas [and] ideas inspire change.” Embracing Diverse Voices: A […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

A Refreshing Inversion: Lane Twitchell returns to Utah with “eye-popping aides for critical reflection”

Utah in winter presents not an altogether pristine landscape if you ask a local meteorologist. As those who live here can attest, the Wasatch Front is no stranger to temperature inversions that trap colder, smoggy air beneath a warmer air layer. The resulting haze is not only unpleasant; […]

Dance | Music

Desert Music: Hal Cannon and 3hattrio

Everyone’s favorite musician and folklorist, Hal Cannon is performing with his group 3hattrio at a free in-store concert and Dark Desert Night CD release at Ken Sanders’ Rare Books in Salt Lake City (Thursday, Nov. 5th), followed by two performances at the Moab Folk Festival (Nov. 6-7). Modern dance patrons can sample five of 3hattrio’s pieces in tandem with RDT at “Revel” (November 19 – 21, 2015) at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City.