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Natalie Gotter

Natalie Gotter is a performer, choreographer, instructor, filmmaker, and researcher. She recently completed her MFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah and is on faculty at Utah Valley University, Westminster College, and Salt Lake Community College.


Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company’s “Nerve and Sinew” Showcases Contemporary Dance with Mixed Results

What is contemporary dance? As a dancer, I have encountered this question more times than I can count; Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company (WCDC) attempted to answer it with Nerve and Sinew. The performance spanned multiple techniques and featured pieces by both established professionals and emerging artists. I appreciated […]


Austin Hardy Presents La Mela

From left to right: Austin Hardy, Nell Rollins, Natalie Jones, and Micah Burkhardt in rehearsal for “La Mela.” Photo by Tori Duhaime. What determines how we view identity? This question lay at the heart of La Mela, a program recently presented by Austin Hardy that featured works by local […]