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Heather Hopkins

Heather Hopkins is an Art History Student at the University of Utah. She is also an arts writer for The Daily Chronicle. When she isn’t lost in a museum or art gallery, she can be found hiking and camping with her fiancé and their cat.

If You Really Wanted To Get Me Something | Visual Arts

If You Really Wanted to Get Me Something … Jennifer Rasmusson & Erin Margot

If recent weather is any indication, I don’t think we’ll have to dream of a white Christmas. Bing Crosby’s wishes will likely be a reality for Utah residents. While I love the winter wonderland, I have to admit the icy forecast has me dreaming of spring florals. With that being said, what I want for Christmas is some unique floral works by local artists.
Jennifer Rasmusson was just featured in her newest solo exhibition at ‘A’ Gallery in Salt Lake City.