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As the Lake Fades at UMOCA

Salt Lake City
Jan. 26 – June 8
Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm


As The Lake Fades explores drought, climate change, and the environmental crisis facing Utahns today through the lens of the Great Salt Lake. The lake and our air quality are recognizable signs of the climate issues Utahns are facing, which are fast becoming rallying points for action. As the lake disappears and lake bed soil is exposed, toxic chemicals like arsenic, copper, and mercury have the potential to make their way into the air, adding to already unhealthy levels of pollution in the valley and causing long-term effects on the health of residents.

With the population of Utah projected to rise by 66% by 2060, many artists have questioned the state’s management of natural resources and its ability to sustain this growth. Through their creative practices, they ask: Is there enough here to support those who have been long-time residents and the influx of people moving to the region? In what ways can residents change their behaviors to save the lake from disappearing? Is it possible to expand conservation practices to large-scale farms that consume up to 75% of the water in the State? What does Utah look like without the lake? What effect will it have on the population, and how will people survive the circumstances of its disappearance?

This exhibit looks at how people have been, and continue to be, connected to the lake as well as its importance to the past, present, and future residents of the Salt Lake Valley­­—from the indigenous peoples who were first to inhabit the land to the wildlife who rely on it for survival to the current residents.

As the Lake Fades emphasizes the importance of research, data, and community engagement. This show aims to illustrate how artists, art collectives, and residents of the region can work together to understand and mitigate human-caused environmental disasters, focusing not only on the problems but also on seeking sustainable, equitable, and creative solutions to address them.

Participating Artists

Seth Alverson
Alisha Anderson
Mozart Bautista
Kaitlin Bryson
Michael Ryan Handley
Tom Judd
Sant Khalsa
Fritz Kollmann
Alfred Lambourne
Katrin-Anne Spiess
Eugene Tapahe
Mary Toscano
Terry Tempest Williams & Eric Overton
Takako Yamaguchi
Andrew S. Yang

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84101




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