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Artist Resource Center at Rio Gallery

UACrsrcIt’s an ideal morning inside the Artist Resource Center — the sounds of papers turning, printers printing and the tapping of computer keys fill the room and even spill out into the Rio Gallery that shares the same space inside the historic Rio Grande Depot. While one artist thumbs through The Crafts Report to find the latest deadlines for fairs and competitions, another artist photocopies the business and marketing articles in Art Calendar. At the computer, a new artist in the area prints out her resume and researches the local gallery listings while I bring her a pile of brochures and grant applications to help her on her way.

Although the ARC is fairly new, the idea for it was conceived several years ago, back when it was merely a closet full of books and papers. Now the ARC provides a covey of additional services — at no cost — to any artist that makes an appointment to stop by. Not only does the center provide periodicals and books on marketing artwork, applying for grants, guides to national services and legal issues, the ARC also has a copy machine available, a computer and a printer and even a dual-deck VCR for media and performing artists to make copies of their work.

The Artist Resource Center welcomes an average of six to eight new artists a week and claims a handful of regulars who return periodically to take advantage of its services and stay on top of all the local competitions and grant deadlines. But the space was built to accommodate more. Several college professors and art teachers bring their classes in to introduce them to the facility, so the word is getting out and the numbers are increasing.

“I am a new artist and was so glad to find a center with so much information in one place. Everything that I needed to get started was right here. Access to the facility was very convenient and Laura was very accommodating and supportive. I am excited to come back!” — Dawnae Zobrist, visual artist

“The things I use most in the ARC are the business publications and the art fair source books for finding shows to exhibit in.” ­
Scott Roach, furniture craftsman

The ARC also hosts free workshops for artists. The workshops focus on the business and marketing aspect of being an artist (the not-so-exciting but essential skills every artist needs to be successful). The workshops have helped artists apply for grants, market their crafts, present their work to a gallery, answer their legal questions and we have even helped them file their taxes.

In October, the ARC will be hosting, in conjunction with Artists of Utah, a workshop on artists and websites. The workshop will include ideas on creating, marketing and using a website as well as nuts & bolts information on how to go about doing it. The workshop will be held Tuesday, October 8, from 6-8pm at the Artists Resource Center.

The Artist Resource Center is open Monday through Friday 9-5, but an appointment is strongly recommended to be sure someone will be here to help you and even prepare some information for you. Please call 801-533-3582 or email ldurham@utah.gov for an appointment, or go to the website to find out more: www.arts.utah.gov/visarts/resourcecenter.htm

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