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Art Vidervol



I was born to design.

I am inspired by everything. My mind constantly churns out ways to capture what I see. Ways to draw it, paint it, photograph it or write about it.

My studio is piled high with journals and sketchbooks and stand-alone hard drives loaded with images.

For the last few years deserts have captivated me. The colors. The flora and fauna. The people. And things the desert inspires, like Native American jewelry and cliff dwellings.

More recently I’ve added Africa as a deep conjering well. The predators of the bush, the dissapearing large game and the intense cycle of life, they all keep drawing me back.


All things considered, I’d rather be in Africa.

It’s a strange amalgamation of, city and wilderness, modern and ancient.

My first time there we stayed at a game reserve in Limpopo, in northern South Africa. It sat atop an ancient caldera whose craggy edges surround the reserve like a rocky crown.

It was the real lost world.

We were there for a month. We could explore the entire area by foot, there were no lions or hyenas, only a rhino now and then.

Giraffes, heads poke out above the tree tops and stood as silent curious sentinels, watching our every move.

As soon as we arrived home we were planning our next trip.

My photography has been Africa oriented ever since.

My drawing and painting tend to be influenced more by the deserts of the American Southwest.

Silver and tourquoise, coral and dusty green are the colors of these deserts. Arrows and  spirals are elements of ancient rock art. I draw on these things to express my feelings about being in these arid lands. The desert landscape today is the same one the ancients saw. It is timeless.

I am not locked into Africa and the Southwest though. I am not locked into painting or photography. I am an industrial designer, writer and musician also. And I don’t draw boundaries between diciplines. I like to blur the edges between style and method. I’m always open to a new approach.



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